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Sunday, September 12, 2010

scary stories for todays day and age

well i'm sure the most of us has had some kinda horror story/urban myth story that creeps the snot right out of us.  and i just read one today that had the hairs on the back of my neck. i'm pretty sure some of may have heard of it or read it already. i know how these things spread like wild fire. its the story of the haunted majora's mask cartridge. its very traditional in the way the story scares you but here is the thing.  its a haunted video game. its a very digital age ghost in the shell kinda ghost story. but before i go on here is to a link to a blog that was able to get a copy of the full story but has some videos of the "haunted" gameplay and here it is

well to be totally honest. i think its fake. mostly casue in one section i was pretty sure it was using Ocarina of time footage. and the story is too convenient in some spots.  but other then that it has lots of people convinced and  it is very creep even though i have my doubts of its authenticity. well i hope you guys read it and watch the vids and let me know what you think? real or not?

lastly just as a side not i tried to track down more info about the ghost story, and if you read the blog it started on 4chan, which also casts plenty of doubts, and it apparently very recently just happened. the oldest posts i could find sept. 8 2010. so its practically brand new as stories go

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  5. I played "The Thing" once or twice, in a dark room. THAT, was scary.
    So is F.E.A.R.
    Actually, come to think of it, I like scary games.

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  7. Regardless of not if it is fake, that is one scary as fuck tale.

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