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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

blarg cali heatwave

man its been hot as balls here. i can barely get my work done let alone blog.  but its finally getting better and i'm not sleeping 23 hours (or more) each day.  i live in silicon valley with is smack dab in the middle of a desert. but some of my friends in Sacramento have had it worse. i heard they were having peaks of 110 degrees F.  its only topped about 101 here which isn't much better but still 9 degrees of not blazing hot sun.

borderlands new dlc is out and i'm downloading it as we speak. its not too bad size wise. 1.3 gb i think.  i've been playing saints row 2 coop with my bro the last few days. its still a fun game.i think they did GTA better then GTA. but i might be bias cause i really like the coop aspect of the game. too bad its only 2 players. the only problem is that its choppy on the pc. and thats the company that ported it over's fault. lazy bastards unwilling to optimize the code. but lucky it only happens when you're driving fast. but that makes the driving missions super hard.   but there are other things to do other then driving.  you can do the hoing mini game XD. yea really hoing. you go in and "have sex" with dudes or dudettes sadly you don;t see anything and its all controller stick moves.
but errr... haha yea i'll probably talk about the new borderlands dlc in the near future. probably after the weekend.

well i wasn't gonna post a linky this time but this fell into my lap last min and i had to share it.  if you're gay for zelda then you probably already know about the new game Skyward sword. but to help you get hungry for the game here are some new screenies that were posted on kotaku recently

i think it looks good even though its slightly different from the E3 screens

and tbh i feel bad about suck a lame linky(tho the content is cool its feels short to me) so i'm gonna post a song from one of the autotune the news guys. i recently discovered they also are songwriters lol i know right? i'm retarded. but yea i love this song and from what i can tell its something mike gregory wrote. but if anyone knows for sure let me know

Sunday, September 26, 2010

new simpsons?

well i heard on the radio today that the new season of the simpsons was gonna start tonight. lets say it was a mixed bag for me. i loooove the simpsons even the not so great newer ones are very good by most tv standards.  but i digress.  i thought that they were gonna end it after the movie. but then there was the writers strike during the season during/after the movie and they had another season.  that was last season. but alas new season of simpsons can't be that bad. and futurama is back on the air so i ought to be happy. 

the new borderlands dlc is supposed to come out in 2 days. i'm excited and alittle mad. haha i still haven't found any pearlescent items yet.  but i did stop play for a while now.  i also heard the new castlevania HD dlc is coming out at the end of the month. but i'm unsure how true that rumor is.  i'm excited for that one tho.  a whole new map and 2 new characters, and probably a slew of new items.

well now for the best part....linkys.  i'm doing something special today. and since you guys seemed to really like the yt video i'm gonna post a couple more.
this is one of my favorite mash ups. and as one of the commenter said  you didn't get rick rolled you got rick rocked

and this is a response to my friend over at and his new post today.  but when i saw what he put up i knew he had to see this but i think you guys would like it too. also check out some of his other vids he makes an ocarina out some crazy things like broccoli.

and lastly i'm glad you like the last vid i posted and some one did comment that he should make more vids. and he does. check his channel. he does a song by the beetles and one he wrote himself. and others but those are the 2 that stick out in my mind

Friday, September 24, 2010

and god said,"let there be an MMO!"

haha that title sounds really bad but i'm totally serious.  apparently The Bible Online just finished with its beta test and is gonna go live in EU really soon. it is a browser based mmo and takes place in the time during the book of genesis . too read a bit more about it here is a link

well to be honest its not the 1st reglious based MMO. though its usually based on something that is based on the said region i.e. Ragnarok online was based on the manga/anime that borrows heavily from Norse mythology.  but this is boom right in your face.  now yes i know you don;t have to play it.  but is it an affront? or even offensive? how about the christian point of view? let me know what you guys think.  personally i have mixed feeling about it.  i'm not christian but i don't know it just feels weird.maybe there is a demographic of christian gamers out there and i never new about cause i'm busy chopping up Dracula and shooting down uavs. i remember seeing a pop up ad for a rock band/ guitar hero rip off with christian rock in it. i don;t know if it was a scam but it looked really shitty. and i never gave it a second thought till now.  well i guess thats my little rant , there isn't much i can say about it other then it confuses me and i can't say its a bad idea, but i'm pretty sure it is. 

and now today's link of the day is a video...gasp indeed.  well this a cuuuute little asian boy that covers Jason mraz's i'm yours on a ukulele.  i can't stress how adorable it is though.  but he's asian and like 4 or soemthing so don;t expect ....words or anything. but for those of you  that play guitar or uke watch him play its for serious impressive.  but here it is i hope you enjoy it

Thursday, September 23, 2010

i want the 20 mins of my life back....

well it seems that i have lost 20 mins of my time playing the new blade kitten demo.  sigh. i always do this to myself. it is literally one of the worse games i ever played.  like seriously its like a nurato/inu yasha fan fic redone for a future cat-woman bounty hunter.  in the 1st min of the intro cut scene its oozing weeaboo-ness. the main character is realllly annoying  her voice is pitchy and somewhat grating.  and her antagonist is supposed to be her polar opposite so shes "elegant" sounding. but she just sounds like a britsh dick.  and the worse part is when you find a hidden area and open the chest for extra cash, it plays something i can only described as extremely japanese. and the money they use in the game even looks like the yen symbol. but instead of a Y is an X......really guys? really?. now for the story which is much better only because it doesn't even seem to exist. i can sumit up in 3 words. chase the bitch.  and now add on some not great controls where the character feels really stiff and jumping isn't really up to you which direction you jump( okay tbh its only when you jump off a wall it won;t let you jump back on the the wall you were on originally. but still its annoying).  it got so annoying (both cause of the sound and weird jumping/climbing mechanics) i gave up on exploring and tried to rush through the level. and yes i stuck it all the way through the whole demo. and to relate to what i started the paragraph with i don't know why i do that to myself, but i keep thinking that maybe there is something good over the next horrible jump.  but as much as i dislike the every essence of this game. i have to give it this. it is gorgeously presented.   the models are well made, even though the designs look like some super otaku came up with them, the cel shading works extremely well.  and i thought this was actually innovating. where the main character(lol shes so unoriginal and forgettable i can't even remember her name) goes behind  an object in the foreground that would block a view of her they do a cut away/cross section veiw that is very well done and works very well. like a big blockbuster film that spent all its money on cgi and explosions.  nice to look at but a frustrating experiance.

if you guys remember i started playing ME2 again. the dlcs are quite clever and i enjoyed them alot for the most part.  the hammerhead jet thing was really lame and i hated how anything could kill me. no seriously a regular geth with a gun killed me the 1st time i used it. well i have a confession about ME tho.  as hot as miranda was i'm like in LOVE with tali. so playing through again trying to get the bad ending was 1. harder then i thought, and 2. made me mad again that i didn't get to see tali's face. i mean whyyyyy do you gotta play me like that bioware.... you tease T-T. 

lastly i'm thinking of starting to end my blogs with links to cool stuff on the web.  i don;t know if its a great idea since i'm very sure i can't do it in every entry. but i'd love to share cool things i run across or get linked to. well what do you guys think? and lets start it off with this

this is zero puntuations video gallery over at the escapist site.  i'm sure most of you have heard of him. but i love him and his rapid and funny take on games. for those of you that haven;t heard of him click and enjoy

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

jadusable is gone

well for now atleast.  he announced that he can no longer support that ARG that is the haunted majora mask game.  which is very sad because it was so much fun and very interesting. and now there is the flood of people claiming they knew it was fake. which only makes them look dumber because it was a full blown ARG for weeks now. but alas there is a light at the end of the tunnel for those of you that enjoyed playing it. he did say that its not over forever but just on hold for now. which means it may start up again. but i feel it just might not be the same. like if bush got back together now. too much time my have passed and it would be weird and not as good as we remembered. but  here's to hoping right? i think he's accepting donations now and youcan see his real truth.txt at his ARG site

but sadly its the end of a chapter in what was a really fun and great story. and even if its not your cup of tea i really suggest checking it out it was very well done and was good at sucking in people, well me atleast. and there were tones of chatrooms devoted to trying to fine clues and what they meant.

lastly with everyone playing reach i feel lonely. well i mean i got no one to play with since i'm not a halo fan and everyone is playing it while i'm stuck with ....not halo. don;t get me wrong i played one and played 3 with large group for story coop. but never really a fan. i don't see why its so popular. there are much better shooters out there in my opinion.  tf2, bfbc2, hell even mw2 is better.  but to each their own. i guess i'll just have to wait for the new bfbc2 expansion or rock band 3. real guitar ftw ~

Monday, September 20, 2010

ita ARG for realz and DMC all better?

well the jadusable majora's mask thing is a full on ARG now. i'm really liking it. i feel like a detective looking for clues and trying to figure things out.  its alot of fun and if anyone whats to join/help come to the creep+pasta blog or the youtube channel and contribute.  there is even an wiki and encyclopediadramatcia articles now. also for those of you who are playing/following a new video is up and its time to look for clues. happy hunting guys

but on to more exciting news.  looks like they're rebooting games now like they are doing with movies and tv shows. there were rumors of them rebooting resident evil after 5 came out. and i wasn't sure if i believed them up until now.  they've got screen shots and a trailer for a reboot of the devil may cry games. and to be honest i kind of like the way its going. dante was kinda lame after dmc 1 and 4 was just dumb.  he's got a whole new look and seems to have some kinda mental...problems? well here is a link cane i'm too lame to figure out how to get the embed code from the site. also it save me the trouble of linking the pics too haha

Saturday, September 18, 2010

busy....with blue screen of DEATH

haha well as the title says i had a problem with the famous BSOD. every time i'd load into windows its crash immediately into the BSOD. strangely enough it happened to when i was talking to Von Bio.  and for some reason it made me thikn about the Majora's mask thing. back tracking just for a sec. i'm been totally obsessed with the story since i found out there are a bunch of clues and its like this whole mystery game.  anyway but yea tbh my compy has been doing some really weird stuff after i downloaded the truth.rtf.  and now i find out my c:drive is an unknown partition type. weird right? haha i'm sure its all a coincidence.  but its stuff like that that can start some really weird stories. if you are following the story then you should know about the cleverbot, if not go check it out. the bot has enough stored about ben and majora's mask to produce some funny and sometimes creepy convos about it.  but yea i love mysteries and i hope i or someone can figure this out. its super fun. 

well while i was fixing my compy's BSOD problem i watched a movie i forgot i had on my laptop.  it was called Outlander with James Caviezel and Sophie Myles, who is so hot but even hotter as a red head. it was an okay movie, and as always i did some research about it(don't judge me i like researching).  anywho, apparently it came out in 2008 and was nominated for best sci-fi movie.  but i never heard of it which isn't too uncommon cause i go through phases with movies. sometimes i'll watch all the new ones sometimes i won't watch one for years. it had an okay story, very high production value though.  over all if you like a viking story with a tiny bit of sci-fi tossed into it then this might be for you.

other then that trying to do homework is so hard lately. i just want to sleep all day. and i'm not to fond of my drawing clothed figures class. maybe i'm just used to drawing nudes xD.  but i'm liking my other classes. i gotta go out and shoot some textures tomorrow. if i get any really nice pics i'll post them. lastly i kind of wish ben had infected my computer. i would try to convince it to help me take over the world or help me get some ladies XD

Friday, September 17, 2010

well looks my computer is haunted

well i guess let me start form the beginning.  it all started when i found out about the majora's mask haunted game cart story.  i really liked it. well i thought it was over and done with and we'll never hear from the author ever again.  and i promptly forgot about it.  2 days ago.  my friend that told me about sent me a link to a doc called truth.rft.  and i was like i don't want to read your dumb story or whatever this is.  then he was dude thats a doc for the majora mask guy. so i downloaded it. and after i read it i was like dude did you read this.  he was yea and i responded didn;t you notice the not so subtle clues that this was written by ben and not matt. and he agreed with me.  so  TL DR: my friend is a jerk that would willingly infect my computer with a ghost.

but i have good news for those of you that are intereted and/or liked the story. the blog i previously linked to have the full sotry and the truth.txt. yea i know i got an rtf and the blog states its a txt so i might not be haunted....but then again i might be super haunted.  and for those of you that are too lazy to look up my post here is a linky

funny tidbit after i got that haunted doc. i played saints row 2 and mass effect 2 for pc of course.  well oddly cars would turn into me or veer into my lane for no reason.  but that may be normal. i never played it much due the the pc versions issues . and i don't know if anyone played the overlord dlc for ME2 but its about a dude that in a computer or program. its very ghost in the machine. but it got me thinking If my computer was haunted. a ghost couldn't have planned a better time to jack my computer and mess with my head. but yea thats about it for me these last 2 days. that and trying to not do my art homework.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


well to be totally honest i never really look at how many people are following me.  but i don;t know why but i looked at my dashboard today and woot we broke 200 followers. party at my place, BYOB babys.

well other then that i decided to start playing mass effect again. i never played the kasumi dlc and now there is the overload dlc so i might as well knock those out while waiting for the new borderlands dlc to come out.

and lastly a long time friend of mine imed me out of the blue today. he lives in england and we don;t get to talk much due to the time difference.  we asked me about what he should do about a girl situation.  apparently she is dating this guy for 4 years and he's in love with her. my advice to him was basically go for it. if the relationship was that serious there should be some kinda ring involved. well thats my reasoning.  so what do you guys think? let me know and i'll pass on your advice to him

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

not much new news

well not much has happened to me today. had dinner with my uncle. he was in my area while driving his son to stanford. haha speaking of him good kid. very quite and well behaved. i haven't seen him in forever...its hard to believe he's 18 already...and i'm an old man.  he even called me that. good times. we exchanged numbers in case he needs something but i'll probably call him to hang out or something if i remember.

not much else happened lately. had a tone of homework due today. which i was putting off all week. got it all done and turned in with 15 mins to spare. yup i'm awesome. i had to do a 20 mins sketch and it looks awful. but its the 1st drawing assignment and it was 20 mins only. but still -sadface-

finally beat alien swarm last night. it was tough since it was just me and my brother.  but we did it. flame throwers ftw. also more borderlands news. i read that its coming out on the 28th for all 3 platforms so i'll be playing it again soon. but for now it AS and bfbc2. speaking shooters i read about black ops new modes and the dedicated server. very quickly new mode is wager where you wager pts against other players and the top 3 players get the pot, the twist is that its not regular gameplay. like my fave is chamber. you get a knife and a pistol and 1 bullet. each kill you make you get one more bullet. sounds intense. and this is for pc only. since what happened with MW2 i guess they reacted with letting people host their own dedicated servers. but you gotta get it through some company and its like 20 bucks a month. what do you guys think about that. i'm kinda excited for wager mode but not black ops, and i think its lame to force players to pay for a dedicated box. well let me know what you guys think.

Monday, September 13, 2010

more anberlin news....kinda

well i hope you guys don't mind me talking about anberlin again.  i finally got they're new cd.  which is titled dark is the way, light is the place.  its a little melodramatic but it imagery is pretty provoking.  as with most cd's i listen to there were only a few select songs that really stood out. but overall a good listen.  the reason i bring that up is i've been listening to 2 songs in particular. pray tell and take me(as you found me) are the songs i've basically been listening to non stop for the last couple of days.  and haha yes i'm a big softy for sappy romantic songs.  but as till a few days ago i totally forgot about my game audio surf.  my friend was playing it on steam and i noticed it and thought damn these songs would be mucho fun to run a few games of audio surf with.  so after playing the whole album by myself and then once again on coop with my brother, the games is still amazing and i ought to not forget about it again hhaha

also an update with my hatred for xbla, i have yet to break down and buy plants vs zombies. i think i can hold firm and wait to see if they'll add the features to the pc version. but i did break down and give them my money when i bought some more rock band songs from them XD. i got anberlin -  the feel good drag(of course XD) sonic youth - kool thing and finally johnathon colutre(sp?) - re: your brains.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

scary stories for todays day and age

well i'm sure the most of us has had some kinda horror story/urban myth story that creeps the snot right out of us.  and i just read one today that had the hairs on the back of my neck. i'm pretty sure some of may have heard of it or read it already. i know how these things spread like wild fire. its the story of the haunted majora's mask cartridge. its very traditional in the way the story scares you but here is the thing.  its a haunted video game. its a very digital age ghost in the shell kinda ghost story. but before i go on here is to a link to a blog that was able to get a copy of the full story but has some videos of the "haunted" gameplay and here it is

well to be totally honest. i think its fake. mostly casue in one section i was pretty sure it was using Ocarina of time footage. and the story is too convenient in some spots.  but other then that it has lots of people convinced and  it is very creep even though i have my doubts of its authenticity. well i hope you guys read it and watch the vids and let me know what you think? real or not?

lastly just as a side not i tried to track down more info about the ghost story, and if you read the blog it started on 4chan, which also casts plenty of doubts, and it apparently very recently just happened. the oldest posts i could find sept. 8 2010. so its practically brand new as stories go

and of course you all who visit my blog know i'm about to plug my friends blog. we're getting close. i believe we're at 110 followers so get in there and follow her i wanna see this vid.

doo itttt

Saturday, September 11, 2010

weird korean movies

well i just watched 3-iron again. its a Korean movie about a guy that breaks into people homes while they're away on vacation. but here is the twist. he doesn't steal anything and if anything he fixes stuff or cleans stuff up for them. and the story begins when he breaks into a house he thought was empty and meets this lady, whose husband beats her. its kinda a weird story but overall i liked it and i thought it was filmed pretty well. i highly recommend it if you want a good movie or just something a little different from mainstream american stuff this is your ticket.  also let me know of any other color movies you guys like.  i'm always up for some good or interesting movies.

lastly let me plug my friends blog again. we're almost at 100 so getting close guys XD

Friday, September 10, 2010

up all night again

well i;m a night owl anyway so in a way it makes me happy. i got in a few rounds of alien swarm so it was good times.  been slacking on my homework so i'll probably do it all today after a power nap.back to alien swarm for a bit. its a great game especially for the price. its free on steam right now. and i'm pretty sure its will be for the foreseeable future.  but grab it and get some friends and play it. lots of great features that most other games never even thought of. my fave is being able to draw non the mini map to coordinate your squads moment. simple and elegant solution. though there are some that abuse it and write silly messages on there. like my brother for example.  so haha yea there is a free plug for you steam xD. which i don't mind doing cause i think the steam overlay is so much better then x-fire. it even has a web browser for you to use. i mean ...thats so awesome. granted its not as good as firefox or chrome. but its great for when you wanna look something up or are waiting for someone.

i was gonna talk about this great korean movie but i think i wanna watch it gain before i blog about it

lastly go to my friend blog and follower her she said she'd post a video of herself when she hit 150. and shes really cute imho.  we're a little over half way there at 80 something. but less chatter and more following is the link

maybe if your nice she'd do something sexy for ya

Thursday, September 9, 2010

done early tonight so why not post?

i have come to hate XBLA.  and i hate them cause the make me want to give them my moneyz.  they just released plants vs zombies and normally i'm not that impressed cause i have it for PC, and don't get me wrong i love that game. but this time they added stuff, like seriously.  well the biggest addition is coop and 2 player vs. and if you guys haven't noticed i looooooove coop stuff. so me and my brother played through the trial and damn its kinda fun. even thought it'll take a lot of coordination in planning the defence in the later levels.  even so, so much fun even the 1st few levels.  so basically i hate you XBLA for making me want to by a game twice... and the worse part is its cheaper and has more features on XBLA. so yes i hate XBLA for being too awesome.

i also heard its coming for ps3 and DS if not already out

screw you borderland... screw you

haha well i think i'm done with borderlands for the time being.  since i've literally leveled all my weapon proficiencies to 50 killing crawmerax. haha yes sad but yea i did it.  and i've gotten to the point where i'm actually not even bothering to look at dark orange guns. yea i feel empty on the inside.  but  with that i'm back on to BFBC2 and alien swarm like a big boy and i'm kinda happy.  i mean it was tough getting my foothold in the 1st few matches but bam i was in the zone.  so yea probably no more borderland news till the new dlc comes out.  and hehe lvl max will be 69 soon XD.  but yea i might power lvl someone but not gonna hope for any peralescents.

also a friend of mine is trying to get me to do some 3-d work for a game project his friend is working on. he says its gonna be an rts game. sounds okay but i dunno my plate is kinda full and i'm not really into low ploy stuff.but let me know what you guys think?

lastly thanks for the input guys and i'm probably go with a tablet netbook. its more then i want but its cheaper then an ipad and better then on of those chinese knock off.  thanks again everyone

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hey guys how about a little help?

well i'm hoping for some help from you guys. but before we get to that let me back it up and bit so you guys can understand.  i wanted to get an ipad so i can draw and paint on the go. and after i saw this thing that jim lee did on his ipad i knew i had to get something to start working while i'm out and about with

here is the article i saw with jim lees tweets
i know it says its a "tutorial" but its not.

but i don;t want to pay 600+ for something i'm not going to fully use and not completely to spec for what i'd want.  so i started looking at chinese ipad knock offs. and the cheapest one that would work was 410 bucks and it ran windows 7or it was really cheap and ran an older version of google android. not bad but i might as well get a asus t91 touchscreen netbook.  so now here we are. i'm hoping to find something with a pressure sensitive screen that i can take around and draw/paint with.  cheaper the better tbh. i'm willing to let go of some spec that i'm looking if the price is right.  so do you guys know of anything that fits the bill for me? i've been looking for weeks now with no real results. and the asus t91 seems to be the best option. but i'm not really into netbooks so ...yea. let me know guys thanks in advance

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Anberlin in your radios

well i don't listen to the radio much anymore so it was news to me that my favorite band is now on the radio.  and if you haven't figured it out it's Anberlin.  haha yea they're known as a Christian band but they deny it. and i like the music so i don't really care.  they're been playing their new album, which i have yet to listen to, on rock and alt rock stations.  but good for them right? well if you guys like rock i suggest checking them out. also tell me what your fave band is i'd love to hear some of what you guys are listening to.

Monday, September 6, 2010

another day of nothing times

well another day of borderlands farming is behind me. and it a holiday today but it just feels like another day might spend time with the fam but i dunno. i was supposed to play MW2 with my friend but she not on and i don't like the game enough to play by myself.

well i've been meaning to blog about this but i keep forgetting.  has anyone else heard about Lawrence Fishburne's daughter doing porn? i saw it and tbh i was kinda grossed out, and she stated she's doing in hopes of being famous like kim kardashian. sounds like a great plan to me.  well let me know what you think and if you saw it or not.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

family times

well went to a huge family bbq today. it was good times. best time i've had all summer.  and of course i feel super fat from eating....everything. there was so much food and i couldn't be happier XD.

i started messing around with wacom's new bamboo dock thing.  its cute and kinda neat. i downloaded a few games and apps. and from the ones i did play,there were fun and kind of creative. and best part is it seems to work with nonwacom graphic tablets so for you artists or graphic dabblers its a fun side distraction when you don;t want to do work but still want to play with your tablet.

lastly been playing borderlands again. getting ready for the new dlc. still no peralescent weapons.  even though i've become very adept at soloing crawmerax.  haha sad yea i know.  also we finally got a 4th for our team and are currently power leveling him and outfitting him with gear.  its not a bad team. a siren, healing solider, a sniper and a pistol hunter.

well thats about it for now i'm kinda tired i'll see you all tomorrow

Friday, September 3, 2010

well i've been up

for like almost 40 hours now. and its all in an effort to correct my summer sleep cycle.  i think i'm gonna sleep pretty well tonight and be back in a normal cycle tomorrow.  but in my effort to stay up i played splinter cell conviction.  i can't say i was disappointed cause i knew the story was gonna suck and be nonsense. but amazingly i was left with a very ... disappointed feeling when i was done with the story mode.  but yea i don't want to spoil anything for anyone but the baddies go out of their way to keep sucking Fisher into kicking their asses more and more. i don't even want to get into what happens with the daughter. so .very. dumb. but as with all thing there is a silver lining and its is the coop. seeing how i never really loved the splinter cell series, i'm a metal gear guy myself, and the MP modes never were that much fun to me. what i did like over MG was coop. as you can tell or will be able to tell from my blogs and tastes in games is that i LOOOOOVE coop. and splinter cell does deliver in this mode.  sneaking around and dual executing baddies is tones of fun. i wouldn't recommend getting it at full price just for the coop mode though.

lastly as a modeler i have to say ...the womens faces looked weird to me in this game.  they're we're ugly per se but just putting. its a minor complaint but it just catches me eyes

Thursday, September 2, 2010

should have been working

well school starts tomorrow/today. but i'm up late play games. i'm back on borderlands since the new dlc is coming out this month and well i'm only kind of excited. even though i've still yet to get any of the ultra rares from the last dlc.  i think the new dlc add 2 more levels for the players which is nice but i dunno i feel like its too many skill pts as it is.  i'm happy with my build as it is.  2 more pts won't help too much or hurt but overall i feel like its a tactic to sell more units.  i've gotten to the point where i can solo the raid boss( i can never remember its name0 pretty well and i dunno, seems like they ought to fix that. i've seen people take him out in 27 seconds and others clam to do it in even less. with legit gears of course.  either way i'm sure you'll be seeing more art work here since i'm taking a drawing class this semester.  also i've been thinking about selling some of the exclusives i bought at SDCC for college money. let me know what you guys thing.