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Friday, October 29, 2010

ugh midterms are still going on

well just a quick update since i haven't slept in a while i thought i'd take a break and come back and post soemthing.
it was my b-day on the 20th and i had a blast with my family then my friend on the weekend. it was good times. 

but yes my midterms are still going. its like my classes are taking turns dumping projects on me. but the light is at the end of the tunnel. my last one is next monday. so yayayayaya i'll be back by then for sure. 

but i won;t leave you guys empty handed. here is a song i just love by anna ternheim. i discovered it playing the alan wake dlc  and i've recently gotten back into the music so i'm sharing it with all of you guys. 

here are some funny ass transformer vids that i love. this one is oldish so most of you may have seen it before

and here is one of my faves

till next time. i'll have something more fun or complainy XD

Thursday, October 14, 2010


so yea midterms are kicking my ass. as you know i'm an art student so instead of studying i have huge projects to do.  i got a huge one in my texture class and my game design class. but other then that things are dandy.  i should be back next week. but here is the link that was broken.  well its still broken but here is a newer one

and here is a really weird linky for you guys.  this girl makes herself look just like jared leto of 30 seconds to mars.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

more gamer money grabbing and retarded gun controller and jewish reggae

like many friends on here like david davidson its getting harder and harder to update daily. with midterms flating aobut and though it sounds easy being in art school is a ton of work.  i'm a 3-d animation major so i have to do everything a fine arts major does one top of 3-d stuff. so yea tough times for me.  but for all my followers i will still be updating so hang in there guys, about 8 more weeks of school till winter breaks.

this time its the makers of Rock band that seems to be trying to make more money from gamers.  they're asking for an extra dollar from gamers to get the pro mode dlcs.  haha i know how it sounds. its only a dollar. but coming from a huge fan of rock band games and music i've already downloaded tons of songs. so its just another like 100 bucks out of my pocket.  and yes it is more work for them but some of us are already buying the new controllers and everything. i dunno i feel like a dollar is just a bit too much. what do you guys think?

next up on the chopping block is possible the worst controller i've ever seen.  haha well thats not true but its is pretty far up there.
its a good idea i think but it could have been better executed.  but the price isn't so bad.  its 65 on amazon and i saw it on overstock for 52.  not bad seeing how regular controllers cost 50 normally. i might get one after i pick up a PS3.

finally for my link i want to share one of my greatest loves in music...reggae
here is some matisyahu. he's so completely badass. he also does hip ho,p rap and beat boxing ...and oh yea he's a hasidic jew.  i know crazy right?. one of the reasons i like him is that he raps about god...kinda . its not very in your face but he does sing about the love and peace and all that.anyway here he is in one of my favorite songs. hope you guys like it

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

hand in unloveable hand

well i'm all better for the most part and i want to say thanks to everyone for the well wishes. sorry its been longer then the day i thought it would be. i was sick for all weekend and i had to do all my work on monday.

a lot has happened sorta.  i played the new borderlands DLC. its pretty fun standard fare for borderlands. lots of shooting and very funny stuff. i've only played a few of the missions and i got tired so i had to stop. but it looks like the funniest of all the dlcs so far and i'm really excited to get back to it. also the new l4d dlc came out to day. i want to play it as soon as my friends get online.  but alas that might not happen tonight.  i'm glad you guys liked the trailer. i thought bill was a badass in it.  and lastly is the castlevania HD dlc. i'm alttle iffy on it. its was 400 ms pts for just one map.  don't get me wrong its a great map and its hard as balls.  you really gotta change up your gears and stuff to kill the boss. but i thought it was alittle pricey for just one map.  and they announce the next dlc is coming soon, 3 new characters for 240 ms pts.  i dunno if thats for each or for all 3.  that one i''m excited for. for those of you who play i've gotten my chap 6 farm runs to under 5 mins now with soma so i'm pretty excited XD

my brother started a blog but he's having trouble with getting followers. i think hes a bit disheartened so go check his blog out he's only got a few entries as of now 

and of course a linky
here is a song i've been so in love with the last few days its got an upbeat melody but very melancholy lyrics and a kinda bitter sweet over...ness to it. but it got popular due to that adult swim show morel oral. never liked that show  but i love this song and i hope you do too.

p.s. ive gotten to some of you guys and i'll try to catch up with my comments  by tomorrow.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


i might post something tonight if i'm feeling better but i'm dizzy and nauseous. and i dunno how long it'll last. stupid heat wave. i'll get back and comment you guys when i can so leave comments here or in the last post and i'll be around xD

not to disappoint i'll lever you with this tho. very funny french(?) guy check out his other vids. pac man is pretty funny too

Friday, October 1, 2010

10 bucks and new l4d stuff and gears of war 3 delayed -sadface-

as a avid gamer and as someone that would like to work in the industry someday i like to keep on top the news.  and well i'm sure most of you have heard of project 10 dollars. its EA answer to the used games market. i think its a really dumb idea. the whole point of the used game market is trade ins. if anything they're hurting themselves.  and from what i've read used games retailers would just adjust the resell price to reflect the 10 bucks or so needed to offset the  cost of having to buy the new "code"  let me explain for those who don;t know. project 10 dollars is a program EA started with tis games where it would include a code that allows players to access certian online content. like BFBC2 for example. it came with a vip code. which allowed player to get the new "vip" maps. but if you bought the game used you only get the maps it comes with and you'd have to pay about 15 bucks for ta new vip code(at least thats the price on the 360). Mass effect 2 was the 1st game to start with these codes.  i believe ubisoft announced they  will be following suit, but i'm not totally sure about that.

but on to some good news L4D and L4D2 is getting a new campaign story called the sacrifice. i'm actually excited about this one. i'm not sure how its gonna work since both are getting the story. and its about 4some from L4D1. but either way i'm excited about it and you get to see louis and zoe handling a katana. intrigued yet? all i know aobut the story is its about the original cast and their adventures in the south. but the trailer is really epic and it comes out on the 5th. also here is a link to the trailer on kotaku
lol watch the trailer and marvel at how badass bill is XD  also if you played L4D2 you'll remeber bill wasn't there in the passing. so i think this might be the story behindit. but you never know right? and lastly as usual its free for mac and pc users but will cost 360 users

 lastly i wanna talk about the delay on gears of war 3. i mean talk about lame. they're delaying it 5 months just to make it a holiday release.. i mean seriously why not just announce it like that in the 1st place right? it makes me mad mostly cause i hate waiting and i've been waiting for forever since i heard about the 4 player coop story mode. well as sad as i am i'm glad i got to play it during SDCC.  now i just need saints row 3 to come out XD

well i'm not posting links today but some pics of that i believe to be easily the funniest essay i ever read

haha i think the wost part is that he actually passed with a d-

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

blarg cali heatwave

man its been hot as balls here. i can barely get my work done let alone blog.  but its finally getting better and i'm not sleeping 23 hours (or more) each day.  i live in silicon valley with is smack dab in the middle of a desert. but some of my friends in Sacramento have had it worse. i heard they were having peaks of 110 degrees F.  its only topped about 101 here which isn't much better but still 9 degrees of not blazing hot sun.

borderlands new dlc is out and i'm downloading it as we speak. its not too bad size wise. 1.3 gb i think.  i've been playing saints row 2 coop with my bro the last few days. its still a fun game.i think they did GTA better then GTA. but i might be bias cause i really like the coop aspect of the game. too bad its only 2 players. the only problem is that its choppy on the pc. and thats the company that ported it over's fault. lazy bastards unwilling to optimize the code. but lucky it only happens when you're driving fast. but that makes the driving missions super hard.   but there are other things to do other then driving.  you can do the hoing mini game XD. yea really hoing. you go in and "have sex" with dudes or dudettes sadly you don;t see anything and its all controller stick moves.
but errr... haha yea i'll probably talk about the new borderlands dlc in the near future. probably after the weekend.

well i wasn't gonna post a linky this time but this fell into my lap last min and i had to share it.  if you're gay for zelda then you probably already know about the new game Skyward sword. but to help you get hungry for the game here are some new screenies that were posted on kotaku recently

i think it looks good even though its slightly different from the E3 screens

and tbh i feel bad about suck a lame linky(tho the content is cool its feels short to me) so i'm gonna post a song from one of the autotune the news guys. i recently discovered they also are songwriters lol i know right? i'm retarded. but yea i love this song and from what i can tell its something mike gregory wrote. but if anyone knows for sure let me know