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Saturday, September 18, 2010

busy....with blue screen of DEATH

haha well as the title says i had a problem with the famous BSOD. every time i'd load into windows its crash immediately into the BSOD. strangely enough it happened to when i was talking to Von Bio.  and for some reason it made me thikn about the Majora's mask thing. back tracking just for a sec. i'm been totally obsessed with the story since i found out there are a bunch of clues and its like this whole mystery game.  anyway but yea tbh my compy has been doing some really weird stuff after i downloaded the truth.rtf.  and now i find out my c:drive is an unknown partition type. weird right? haha i'm sure its all a coincidence.  but its stuff like that that can start some really weird stories. if you are following the story then you should know about the cleverbot, if not go check it out. the bot has enough stored about ben and majora's mask to produce some funny and sometimes creepy convos about it.  but yea i love mysteries and i hope i or someone can figure this out. its super fun. 

well while i was fixing my compy's BSOD problem i watched a movie i forgot i had on my laptop.  it was called Outlander with James Caviezel and Sophie Myles, who is so hot but even hotter as a red head. it was an okay movie, and as always i did some research about it(don't judge me i like researching).  anywho, apparently it came out in 2008 and was nominated for best sci-fi movie.  but i never heard of it which isn't too uncommon cause i go through phases with movies. sometimes i'll watch all the new ones sometimes i won't watch one for years. it had an okay story, very high production value though.  over all if you like a viking story with a tiny bit of sci-fi tossed into it then this might be for you.

other then that trying to do homework is so hard lately. i just want to sleep all day. and i'm not to fond of my drawing clothed figures class. maybe i'm just used to drawing nudes xD.  but i'm liking my other classes. i gotta go out and shoot some textures tomorrow. if i get any really nice pics i'll post them. lastly i kind of wish ben had infected my computer. i would try to convince it to help me take over the world or help me get some ladies XD


  1. cool!supportin bro :)

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  2. I need to figure this Majors Mask thing out...

  3. Sophie Myles <3 Good choice, bro.
    supportin' :)

  4. BSOD's suck ass. But yea "Outlander" was pretty decent.

  5. Damn, I hope your computer problems go away soon.