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Friday, October 29, 2010

ugh midterms are still going on

well just a quick update since i haven't slept in a while i thought i'd take a break and come back and post soemthing.
it was my b-day on the 20th and i had a blast with my family then my friend on the weekend. it was good times. 

but yes my midterms are still going. its like my classes are taking turns dumping projects on me. but the light is at the end of the tunnel. my last one is next monday. so yayayayaya i'll be back by then for sure. 

but i won;t leave you guys empty handed. here is a song i just love by anna ternheim. i discovered it playing the alan wake dlc  and i've recently gotten back into the music so i'm sharing it with all of you guys. 

here are some funny ass transformer vids that i love. this one is oldish so most of you may have seen it before

and here is one of my faves

till next time. i'll have something more fun or complainy XD


  1. : )
    Engineering major here. 90 credit hours in and I've only taken 1 mid term. ^_^

  2. happy belated man, good luck with those midterms I feel your pain haha

  3. Happy belated! Best of luck on the midterms, you'll make it through eventually!

  4. i hate midterms, i like the vids though ahhaha

  5. In Helicanus may you well descry Following!

  6. In Helicanus may you well descry Following!

  7. In Helicanus may you well descry Following!

  8. Led on by heaven, and crownd with joy at last: Following!

  9. You and every student out there's heads are about to explode. Thank God for the internet?