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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

source materials

well i actually read the scott pilgrim books today.  not terribly impressed.  the story which was the best part of the whole thing rests on a very delicate web of convenient story arcs and twists. which i find kinda hard to believe and it always takes me out of the story.  and the art bothers me.  its like girl manga style with a girl manga story that has fight scenes and video game references in front to try to distract you form the total girly...ness.  over all i'd say recommend it to female friends that love romance novels and those love story manga. if you liked the game and haven't seen the movie like myself it might be a fun read so you can get to know the story a bit better and you can start to recognize the background character but thats about it. nothing really to write home about


  1. I could never get past the art style of them, to be honest. I don't care for it at all.

  2. yea i totally agree. to be perfectly candid his art sucks. and its to inconsistent style wise. also i kinda had a hard time telling one character from another